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Recap Notes: Quiet Saturdays

Image from Locke & Key, currently streaming on Netflix

Happy Saturday, all!

As I posted on Twitter, this won't be a Netflix weekend for me, because I'd like to catch up on my reading. I'm doing the Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge, and I don't want to fall too far behind. This year, I would dearly love to meet my goal.

A few updates:

🗝 Recaps of all ten episodes of Locke & Key are already posted. Locke & Key is one of my favourite new releases from Netflix, despite having issues with some of its creative decisions. Just going through the Locke and Key hashtag on Twitter, it was clear that character decision making was one of the most commented aspects of the show. When characters make what appear to be the best possible decisions, yet the big bad keeps winning anyway, that just makes the story more exciting, and the eventual hero triumph more satisfying. However, when characters keep making inexplicably bad decisions, at some point, it begins to feel like a creative lapse.

I worry about Locke & Key sometimes. It took a decade and various iterations through different studios before we finally got the product that we did via Netflix. Locke & Key is clearly an expensive show to produce. As of this writing, there is no official renewal news just yet. I am positive the show will be renewed, but will it be with the same budget, or a reduced one?

⛸ As you may have noticed, I recently started posting recaps of Spinning Out. Spinning Out is a curious case of a show released on the 1st of January, given little to no promotion, and canceled a little over a month afterwards. I was hopeful about a renewal when I wrote the recap of the first episode, but now, not so much. Curiously, Netflix has commissioned a new figure skating centred show, Zero Chill. Anyway, I'll link the Spinning Out renewal campaign if anyone is interested in helping out.

■ Line of Duty is the latest in the growing number of shows I am covering for Recap Lab. I decided to start recapping the first season because I wanted to rewatch the show from the start. Line of Duty is one of my favourite shows, but its very quality intimidated me for so long, it was only recently that I managed to convince myself to start writing about it. If you are interested in checking out the Line of Duty scripts, BBC generously posted them online.

I added a contact form to the site, so it is now so much easier to get in touch with me. I'd dearly love to support shows that don't receive that much mainstream coverage, so if there's a show like that you'd like me to post about, just message me.

And now, it's time to get back to my reading. Hope everyone has a restful and joyful weekend!

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