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Lucifer Recap 'Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.'

Season 1 Episode 2

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

Note: Apologies, this is being reposted due to a technical issue.

For an angel who ruled hell, then spent his five-year vacation doling out favours and mastering a veritable cornucopia of sexual positions, Lucifer's realisation and acceptance of his Chloe-infused change felt a bit rushed to me. I get that there was instant connection between them but, really, after barely two cases? All the Lucifer is changing and Chloe is causing it (along with his time spent with humans) dialogue was too on the nose and unearned for me, for now. The first season has 13 episodes. There was enough time to lay this change in Lucifer out organically.

Overall, this isn't really a strong episode. Even the murder mystery wasn't great. The son of a movie star was killed in a car crash whilst being pursued by paparazzi. A paparazzo, Nick, immediately confessed. Nick just happened to be the pap Chloe attacked when she was a young actress, because he crashed her fathers funeral. Chloe had every reason to celebrate his arrest, except that she thought he was covering for someone.

Chloe was still on medical leave following her shooting. She was spending her time investigating Lucifer; she had no explanation on how he could have survived the hail of bullets from Jimmy Barnes. It was pretty funny how relentlessly honest Lucifer was to her; of course Chloe was not buying his immortal explanation. When Chloe decided to investigate Nick's case, Dan (Detective Douche, according to Lucifer), covered for her, because he, too, eventually felt something was off.

It turned out that Nick was covering for his protégé Josh. Nick crashing Chloe's father's funeral was the moment he realised he had crossed the line, and he tried to prevent others from doing the same thing. Nick had no idea that Josh had been committing murders so he could photograph them, be the first.

Knowing that neither Nick nor Josh would get the punishment they deserved after they died because Lucifer was not in hell running things, our resident devil kidnapped the two of them, with the help of the eager to punish Maze. They were both given guns to grab. Josh took his, first, but when he tried to fire at Nick, it turned out that his gun was not loaded. Nick, finally seeing who his protégé was, picked up his gun. Chloe arrived before Nick could kill Josh.

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

It was Chloe's plea to Nick, that at least he tried to change, that moved Lucifer to call Amenadiel. Amenadiel's arrival slowed time enough for Lucifer to pluck Nick's bullet out of thin air and save Josh's life. How Lucifer saw himself in a paparazzo struggling for redemption, I am not entirely sure. After all, part of Lucifer's frustration was that he was getting credit for sins humans committed out of their own free will. Or was that the analogy, that paparazzi only expose what humans (celebrities) freely do?

The episode's strongest scene was its last, when Chloe visited the incarcerated Jimmy Barnes. At the mention of Lucifer's name, Barnes freaked out and repeatedly rammed his head against the wall. It was a demonstration of the impact a few seconds of exposure to Lucifer's devil face could have. Lucifer had this almost good natured facade (plus, he's hot, has a British accent, and can play the piano). What the episode allowed was a brief glimpse into the enormity of the power imbalance between Lucifer and the humans that amuse him.


♕ There was another scene when Lucifer briefly went all ruler of hell. It was when Maze was expressing her displeasure over his changing nature in the human world. 'You will not speak to me this way!' I liked that they added a kind of otherworldly note to Lucifer's voice in that outburst.

♕ Lucifer also showed his devil face to the guy making money on the street preaching that the devil walks amongst us. Lucifer hates liars.

♕ Dr. Linda is both sleeping with Lucifer and conducting his therapy sessions. Linda thinks Lucifer's earnest honesty are metaphors.

♕ Maze to Chloe: 'I followed him through the gates of hell.' Not a metaphor.

♕ Lucifer Morningstar did not exist until five years ago, according to Chloe's research.

♕ Lucifer smoked pot in a crime scene. I am only including this because this is a detail the show returned to on a latter episode.

♕ Lucifer to Trixie: 'Ah, hello again, small human.' Lol. When Lucifer tossed a toy for Trixie to fetch and she did not, he asked, concerned, 'Uh, is this too advanced for her?' Lucifer's five years on earth clearly did not involve caring for children.

♕ Lucifer found the realisation that he was changing on earth thrilling.

Director: Nathan Hope

Writer: Joe Henderson

Original Air Date: February 1, 2016

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