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Musings: Learning to love blogging again

Before House of the Dragon came along and pulled me out of my blogging funk, I had not written a single recap in over two years. I watched and loved the fifth season of The Last Kingdom, a show that I covered for years on this blog, but I could not bring myself to write anything about it after it aired. Yes, I was busy with real life concerns, but also, ever since I started blogging, I only cover shows that pull me into writing something about them. I have to feel like I have something to say, something to contribute to the discourse, before I could get myself to sit down and actually write something.

It was a bit strange, because though I loved A Song of Ice and Fire, I never even tried to cover Game of Thrones. Part of that was because I had huge problems with the show. Another part was because there are so many people with so much in depth knowledge of the world George R.R. Martin created, I just felt like there was nothing left for me to say. I honestly do not know what changed with House of the Dragon; after the second episode aired, I just wanted to write something. I ended up with several posts.

It feels good. It always feels good when I find myself writing. I am well aware of how too few people find themselves in this blog, and while no one writes hoping no one will read their work, I am okay with writing for a small audience. I remember the less busy days of years past, when I would actively seek out recaps and other post-episode articles because it was an extension of my own enjoyment of the show. I write mostly for myself (because, again, not too many people come here) but if I could provide the same level of companionship and nerd fun I used to get from reading other sites to even a handful of people, I would feel so very happy and satisfied with the hours I have spent on this blog.

I don't know if this current productivity will only cover House of the Dragon, or if I will work on other shows as well. I am taking it one day at a time and just writing what I feel like writing, filled with gratitude for the thousands -- tens of thousands -- of creative people who work to create these shows. Thank you so much, as well, to everyone who continue to visit Recap Lab! Welcome to my own little space. I hope you feel some measure of peace and happiness while you are here.

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