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Will there be a second season of The Stranger?

Image from The Stranger, currently streaming on Netflix

As I wrote on my recap of the final episode of The Stranger, it felt like there were openings there for a potential second season. Of course, leaving a few threads hanging was a valid and effective creative choice. The Stranger told its story, told it very well. But still, if felt like there could be more stories to be told?

Author Harlan Coben told and other press that a second season was not planned. However, he did say 'never say never', so the door for a second season was not completely closed.

To briefly recap, after Adam found out that Tripp killed Corinne, Adam shot Tripp using Katz's gun, the gun the Stranger (his half sister) gave him. Johanna tracked Adam to the woods using the app on on Thomas's phone, and was on site when the shots rang. Johanna helped Adam cover up the crime and framed Katz for two additional murders. Johanna's reasoning was that Katz was going down for Heidi's murder anyway; it made no sense for Thomas and Ryan to lose their father after they lost their mother.

But Johanna and Adam were not Tripp; they were good people who could not simply move on as though nothing happened. When Adam asked if Johanna was sleeping okay, she admitted that she wasn't, though she did say that she would sleep worse if Adam went to jail. Johanna was nervous about Katz's sentencing. Adam said he wished people knew who really killed Corinne.

Adam, his boys, Ed, even Johanna and her husband, with whom she was trying a reconciliation, were pictures of people putting happy faces over the turmoil they still experienced within. Behind the sunny football pitch, the Stranger watched.

The Stranger was still at large. Johanna, who had retired from the police force, did not think the police were seriously looking for her. After all, the people she blackmailed were not pursuing complaints. With the money she amassed, the Stranger could be on a beach enjoying the rest of her life. Instead she was there, watching her father, her half brother, her nephews. Would she be able to resist revealing the massive secret Adam and Johanna held, if she knew or found out about it? Remember that it was the Stranger herself who gave the gun to Adam, so she knew her brother was in possession of it, at least for a time. Johanna also tracked Adam to the woods where he killed Tripp using an app, something the Stranger could hack.

A large part of what makes it tough to let go of a show like The Stranger is the stellar cast. A story could be cobbled up for a second season, but would the actors who made the show a thrill to watch return?

If there's any news on this front, I'll be sure to update this page.

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