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Lucifer Recap 'Wingman'

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

The role reversal I noted in the previous episode continued with 'Wingman', with Lucifer operating with restraint whilst Amenadiel ceased to case about consequences in his quest to bring Lucifer back to hell. It was Amenadiel who tipped off the black market auctioneer Carmen about Lucifer's wings. It was Amenadiel who orchestrated the robbery that led to the death of a security guard. Near the end of the episode, it was Amenadiel who brought back to life the dying, likely corrupt cop Malcolm. Amenadiel declared to Lucifer that he would do whatever it took to bring him back to hell, and it looked like he meant exactly that.

From the first time he appeared on screen, D.B. Woodside imbued Amenadiel with an air of a noble, powerful warrior. There was mutual dislike between Amenadiel and Lucifer, but Amenadiel's control never slipped, even in the face of Lucifer's casual, repeated disregard for their Father's wishes. For the first time, Amenadiel lost it. After he watched Lucifer set fire to his wings on the very beach where Lucifer and Maze landed following their flight from hell, Amenadiel attacked Lucifer with his bare fists. Lucifer egged his brother on even as Amenadiel's angelic strength repeatedly pummeled his face. 'Fall as I did!' Lucifer yelled, and finally, Amenadiel ceased.

What was causing Amenadiel to act this rashly? Was the job of patrolling the gates of hell taking a toll on him? That was certainly possible, though surely now Amenadiel should have had a better understanding of why Lucifer loathed hell so much.

By Lucifer's own admission, Amenadiel's plan almost worked. The theft of his wings reminded Lucifer of who he was. The loss woke in him the desire for his wings. Yet the recovery of the wings made Lucifer realise that he had been holding on to them. Burning his wings was his declaration that he was never ever going back to hell.

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

What Lucifer did not yet know was how much his loyal second, Maze, did not share in his determination. Maze cleaned up Lucifer's angelic bonfire on the beach, but she saved a feather from his wings. What Maze intended to do with them, it was not yet revealed.

Maze at this point was still an enigma, a demon torturer who saw danger in Chloe and was quietly frustrated at the changes she was seeing in the angel she literally followed through the gates of hell. Up to this point, Maze had been Lucifer's dependable muscle. Whilst we already saw Maze eerily watching the sleeping Chloe, the weakness she saw in her master, this is the first time that we were shown that Maze did something she must have known Lucifer would not approve of. Keeping one angelic feather was a big deal, given how the emphasis on this episode and the previous one on the power of objects of divinity.

Meanwhile, Dan was back to pressuring Chloe to drop her investigation on Malcolm. Malcolm's family had decided they were going to pull the plug. If he died whilst Chloe's investigation was still ongoing, his family would get nothing. Chloe enlisted Lucifer and Dan's help in going over what happened on Palmetto Street again. Chloe was on the verge of believing that she was wrong when the FBI raid at Carmen's underground auction made her realise that the answer to her questions about Palmetto Street could very well rest on a secret door.

Chloe returned to Palmetto Street with Dan and, true enough, they found a secret door leading to an underground passageway. They also a LAPD-issued 999 key. Since Malcolm had his 999 key, Chloe concluded that another cop was in that passageway the night of the shooting.

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

Chloe showed up at Malcolm's living memorial to make the other police officers believe that she had closed the Palmetto case. Only she and Dan knew that she now had even more compelling evidence that Palmetto Street was more than a case of a good cop who lost his life in the line of duty.


♕ I didn't know Eriq La Salle is a director! I remember him because my eldest sister loved ER. We only had one TV at that time so I had to watch the show with her. To be honest, I was too young and did not understand much about it, but clearly my mind was a sponge at that age and I remembered Dr. Benton. It was a thrill to see his name and immediately associate it with memories of my childhood.

♕ What happened on Palmetto Street, as Chloe recalled: The police have been after a French drug dealer, Nikolas Aoudi. They arrested one of Aoudi's guys, who seemed like he was going to talk until Malcolm spoke to him. Chloe followed Malcolm to Palmetto Street, where she saw him meet with Aoudi and his bodyguard. Malcolm was holding cash. Chloe was certain Malcolm saw her there before the shooting started. Aoudi and his bodyguard died whilst Malcolm ended up in critical condition in the hospital.

♕ Amenadiel told Lucifer that he intended to bring the wings back to heaven if Lucifer did not want them.

♕ Lucifer used the coin he was shown playing with in previous episodes to get in the blackmarket auction before the FBI arrived to raid the place.

♕ Lucifer finally told Amenadiel that he curiously bled. Amenadiel told Lucifer that because of his mortality issue, now, all Amenadiel had to do was wait for Lucifer to die, then Lucifer would be returned to hell.

♕ Carmen created a replica of Lucifer's wings to sell because he could not bear to part with the real wings.

♕ Amenadiel and Chloe met for the first time, and they got along well.

Director: Eriq La Salle

Writer: Alex Katsnelson

Original Air Date: March 7, 2016

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