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Lucifer Recap 'Pops'

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

Lucifer kept viewing the case through the lens of his daddy issues, some of Chloe's mommy issues were explained, but in the overarching story, 'Pops' represented a relatively small step. When Chloe went to Lucifer's penthouse drunk and ready to throw herself at him, Lucifer found that he could not sleep with her. Chloe was clearly upset over Dan. If it were anyone else, Lucifer might have thought sex was just the very thing to cheer her up. Because it was Chloe, Chloe who was his partner and friend, Chloe who meant more to him than he understood, Lucifer instinctively restrained his impulse.

Whilst I was writing this recap, I found myself questioning whether this episode was even necessary to tell the story of Lucifer. After all, by this stage of the season, we are already quite familiar with his issues with his Father. Yet, though we are already ten episodes in, the case of the week format was still the show's structure. I tend to enjoy case of the week shows and the structure's restriction that I feel at this episode is one I choose to view as a positive sign. In a few episodes, Lucifer has grown as a show. It has outgrown its initial format. That means that creatively, it has miles to stretch. The best episodes have yet to come.

So, I am tamping down this restlessness I feel and thinking that the episode chose to show Lucifer upset with his father through this single episode as a way to underline how much of an impact Father Lawrence and his death had on him. Lucifer yelling to the heavens did not ease his anger. This episode was Lucifer grieving for the one friend that he made and lost.

To underscore the theme of difficult parent-child relations, Chloe's mother Pamela made an appearance and immediately woke in Chloe some lingering childhood trauma. Chloe was upset when she saw that Pamela dressed up Trixie and meant to take her to an audition. For Chloe, going to auditions when she was a child were not happy memories; she felt she was pushed into a life she did not want by her mother who at least appeared to enjoy the spotlight.

Chloe's argument with her mother led to Trixie ordering an Uber to Lux. There she found not Lucifer, but Maze. It was the perfect time, too, for Maze happened to be looking for a friend. Sure, Trixie was years away from reaching drinking age, but Maze was clearly pleased with the new connection she made. Maze had enough maturity to know that a child was not going to fulfill her emotional needs as an adult, and she went to Linda to seek another connection.

The victim's son, Junior, remarked that the arguments amongst Chloe's family reminded him of his arguments with his father, petty ones that would have appeared even pettier to him after his father's death. Lucifer's issues with his Father may echo those of human emotions, but they were beings of a different plane. The consequences of their disagreements were dire, as Amenadiel would soon find out once he realised what he let loose in Malcolm.


♕ Case of the week: A popular chef was killed by poison. The son he did not get along with was the prime suspect, but it turned out he was killed by his sous chef.

♕ Malcolm told Dan that he meant to use the gun to kill Lucifer. Though Dan was upset to hear that Lucifer was still trying to sleep with Chloe, he chose to try and arrest Malcolm. Malcolm, however, overpowered him.

♕ With Dan unconscious, Malcolm saw Chloe's text about giving their relationship a real shot. Malcolm texted back as Dan and broke things off with Chloe.

♕ It is still amusing how Trixie's hugs scare Lucifer.

Director: Tara Nicole Weyr

Writers: Alex Katsnelson and Mike Costa

Original Air Date: March 28, 2016

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