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Lucifer Recap 'Et tu, Doctor?'

The case of the week was meant to mirror Lucifer's jealousy over the growing closeness between Chloe and Dan, but narratively, it had little impact to the character shifts that happened in this episode. With one look at the name of the therapist next door to Linda's office (Canaan), Lucifer knew that his brother Amenadiel found the woman to whom he had been opening his thoughts and yes, his feelings. Lucifer figured out that Amenadiel had been trying to control him through Linda. How did Amenadiel, good Amenadiel, patient Amenadiel, get such an idea?

Maze did not bother to deny that she collaborated with Amenadiel. It would be interesting to see where Maze would go from here because as Lucifer previously said, Maze existed to protect him. Maze always knew where he was. Maze was his shadow who made sure he was always safe. Whilst Maze has been shown to indulge in the sexual pleasures of humanity, her eyes only ever lit up when she was performing torture at Lucifer's behest. What was Maze existence outside of Lucifer, now that he had declared that they were done?

Dr. Linda, too, came to a realisation after serving as consultant in the case with Chloe and Lucifer. It was not that Linda felt the sexual attraction toward Lucifer any less. It was that, when Lucifer expressed his emotions rather violently on Linda's wall, it was a breakthrough not only for Lucifer but for Linda as well. She now had the firm conviction that her relationship with Lucifer needed to remain strictly professional.

Lucifer simply accepted Linda's decision, which just showed that though he valued her ear well enough, their sack time was just another in a long line of sack times he has had in his time on earth. Sex was part of the deal and Lucifer has never broken his word. The sexual desire on Linda's part was intense but a sexual connection on Lucifer's part was practically nonexistent. The only woman Lucifer truly wanted was Chloe. Linda deserved better, so I am happy with this turn of events.

Chloe may have come to appreciate having Lucifer as a partner, but she had no feelings for him, not yet. Chloe was dangerously close to letting Dan in again. Chloe did not yet suspect that the father of her child was the cop she has been searching for, the one who shot Malcolm that night on Palmetto Street. This was why he was previously insistent that she drop the case. This was why he volunteered to help her when she found that LAPD issued 999 key.

Malcolm killed his partner Paolucci and made it appear as though Paolocci committed suicide out of guilt for shooting Malcolm. What he wanted from Dan, he had not yet said. There was also the lingering question of why Amenadiel brought Malcolm back to life.

'Et tu, Doctor?' felt like a connecting episode, the small bridge that needed to be crossed to get to the meatier parts of the season. I like Lucifer's speed here for not dragging Amenadiel's Dr Canaan secret longer. I rather missed Amenadiel and I hope he'll make an appearance next episode.


♕ Case of the week: Dr. Bernie Shaw was a relationship therapist who encouraged his patients in relationships to cheat. He was murdered by his colleague Dr. Medina because Dr. Medina was in love with his wife Sandy. Dr. Medina could not take that Sandy refused to leave Dr. Shaw though Dr. Shaw cheated on her.

♕ Lucifer slept with a judge so Linda would be the court appointed psychiatrist tasked to review Dr. Shaw's case files. Lucifer wanted Linda to treat Chloe of her relationship with Dan.

♕ Chloe was initially skeptical of Dr. Linda but Dr. Linda won her over during the case.

♕ Maze, too, was impressed with Dr. Linda's succinct analysis of her rude behaviour (Maze felt powerless).

Director: Eagle Egilsson

Writer: Jenn Kao

Original Air Date: March 14, 2016

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