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Lucifer Recap 'Lady Parts'

Season 2 Episode 4

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

One of my favourite things about Lucifer is how it can sneak emotional gut punches in an otherwise light hearted, comedic show. ‘Lady Parts’ is a prime example of that, an episode that on first viewing may seem like just another Lucifer episode, but one which on closer look actually has most of the main characters tethering on the edge.

Lucifer finally discovered the use of smart phones as a distraction from the worries of life. Though he kept telling himself that he found a loophole on his deal with his Father when he allowed his mother to remain on earth as punishment, the truth was, there really was no certainty to this. Part of him knew that he broke the spirit of the agreement, vague though it may have been. Bugged that Chloe was asking questions, he made a wager with Maze about getting Chloe to go out for drinks.

Chloe was on a dark moment. She and Dan have been separated for a while, but not too long ago they considered giving their relationship another shot. Going through a divorce may have been the right thing to do so they both could move forward, and provide clarity for Trixie, but that did not make it any less difficult. Chloe wrestled with fears of growing old alone whilst also worried about finding a new place for herself and her daughter.

Maze was at a crossroads. She was created for the purpose of torturing souls in hell. Her loyalty to Lucifer compelled her to follow him to earth, to serve as his bodyguard, to run his club. Without Lucifer as her boss, she had yet to find herself. Needled by Lucifer's Mum when she went to visit her at her human life, Maze was feeling more than a little alone.

She agreed to take Chloe out as part of a wager, but she ended up having fun. The tribe of Chloe, Maze, Linda, and Ella may have come together under false pretenses, but the bond that was strengthened with a bar fight and a lead to Chloe's investigation was real. Chloe was upset when she found out about the wager but Maze, in her own Maze way, talked Chloe into continuing with their drunken agreement of moving in together. It was nice to hear Maze tell Chloe that she liked Trixie. The relationship between Chloe and Maze was still off, but Maze now had two human bonds, one with Linda and another with Trixie.

Maze took a huge step this episode, with a small matter of having Lucifer pour her a drink. The wager she won involved Lucifer's convertible, but she decided she did not want it. Instead, she just wanted Lucifer to pour her a drink. Her entire existence had been in the service of Lucifer. Now, she got Lucifer to acknowledge the redefining of their relationship. Maze no longer existed in the service of Lucifer's whims. She was her own person, and he needed to treat her as such.

Amenadiel, too, was struggling. When Lucifer asked him why he did not simply fly their Mum back to hell if he was so concerned about the potentially broken deal, Amenadiel blurted out that he could not, but he did not explain why. Linda's attempt to help in his obvious distress resulted in a funny cross conversation, where Linda thought Amenadiel was having trouble performing sexually. Amenadiel may have been nursing a massive headache after attempting to drink his worries away at a sex club Lucifer brought him to (it was part of the case), but he remained clear eyed in the danger they faced.

Lucifer kept trying to convince himself that allowing his mother to remain on earth to live as human was a loophole to the agreement he made with his Father. When Amenadiel found out that Lucifer bargained his obedience for Chloe's life, Amenadiel asked what if their Father took back what he gave. Seemingly in answer to that, the episode ended with Chloe getting into a car accident.

The more I think about 'Lady Parts', the stronger I feel this episode is. The good thing about doing these recaps is that I get to reflect on each episode, which I was not able to do when I binge watched Lucifer the first time. Here's hoping there are more gems in this stellar second season.


♕ Case of the week: Two girls were found to have died from poisoning. A connection was made between the marks on their hands and an underground sex club. It turned out they were accidentally poisoned by a sorority sister who took them to the sex club to make some cash. The killer, Lily, was a big deal beauty in their little town in Nebraska, but she found life in LA to be so much more difficult than she anticipated.

♕ From my notes: 'Thanks, Lucifer writers, for the commentary on the use of phones as distraction.'

♕ Maze moves so well during fight scenes; Lesley-Ann Brandt is perfect for this role. I only just found out that she wasn't the one originally cast as Maze. In any case, the recasting worked well imho.

♕ The girls sharing: Dr. Linda used to work as a phone sex operator. Ella used to steal cars. Maze was forged in the bowels of hell. Chloe was upset about the divorce and terrified of growing old alone with cats.

Director: Ben Bray

Writer: Sheri Elwood

Original Air Date: 17 October 2016

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