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Lucifer Recap 'Everything's coming up Lucifer'

Season 2 Episode 1

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

Whilst I was watching this episode, there were so many things I thought I'd highlight on the first paragraph, but as soon as Tricia Helfer came into the scene, everything just flew off ,y mind. Tricia Helfer! Have I mentioned how excited I am about recapping the second season because of Tricia Helfer? I have loved her since Number Six showed up in the opening scene of Battlestar Galactica. Tricia Helfer as Lucifer's Mum is such perfect casting. Okay, I have to stop fangirling now because she was actually on screen for just a few seconds and a lot happened here.

Lucifer and Amenadiel teamed up to look for their mother; not only did Lucifer make a deal with their Father in the first season finale, Lucifer was also certain that his Mum was coming to Los Angeles to kill him. Since she did not have a body, they thought she might have jumped to a recently dead person, someone who died in that brief period when Amenadiel was unconscious and unable to patrol the gates of hell. They were running out of the recently dead, however, and Lucifer was forced to reconsider his initial theory about his mother.

It was not just his Father that Lucifer had issues with. Lucifer took it to heart when his mother did nothing after he was banished to tell. A couple thousand years later, Mum was banished to hell, too. Lucifer did what he thought his Mum did during his own banishment -- nothing.

Whilst speaking at a NA meeting, however, Lucifer realised that he never even gave his mother a chance to explain herself. He started to wonder what, exactly, would she have said to him. It was a rare moment of true self reflection that led him to finally stop being a jerk to Linda and thank her. Rather than blaming everyone else, Lucifer actually took responsibility for his actions with his mother. Lucifer may have remained fearful of what his mother was doing out of hell, but when she collapsed in his arms, Lucifer was already in the right frame of mind to consider that his Mum may have other intentions outside of killing him.

'Momma Morningstar', as Maze referred to her, arrived at an interesting time. Lucifer and Maze were no longer the solid dream team from hell; they had been drifting apart as Lucifer focused on his work with the police whilst Maze tried to figure out where she fit in this life on earth. Amenadiel, who was no longer trying to return Lucifer to hell, appeared to be losing his angel powers. The brothers were actually getting along. How would the arrival of their mother affect the relationship they were just starting to build?

It was Amenadiel who came up with a story about Lucifer to prevent Chloe from running his blood into the police database. Of course Chloe was not simply going to let go of what she knew happened in the first season finale. Lucifer was shot. She was determined to find out who he was once and for all.

Lucifer was perfectly fine with Chloe having his angel blood, but Amenadiel was not. He insisted that humans could not possess proof of the divine. He tried to retrieve the blood sample at the police station, but had to leave when he realised that his angel power of time slowing suddenly ceased working. 'I must have been lost', Amenadiel told the cop who asked him what he was doing there, another fine line delivery by D.B. Woodside that carried a myriad of stories in those few words.

Amenadiel's next move was to convince Chloe there was nothing more to discover about Lucifer. He showed how Lucifer supposedly faked getting shot, with a bullet proof vest and a blood pack. He told Chloe that they had a difficult childhood, that Lucifer created this persona for himself to cope. He said Lucifer's supposed superpower was merely the power of suggestion; he studied neurolinguistic programming since they were young. Chloe was not entirely convinced, but she appreciated that Lucifer made her a better detective (to be honest, after that final conversation between Lucifer and Chloe, I just wrote 'Aw' on my notes).

Perhaps the best thing about this second season premier is the addition of Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia), a deeply religious forensic expert who is also a hugger. In a show about the devil that also frequently, almost offhandedly mentions the divine, it is an interesting creative challenge to have a character of faith.


♕ I had this classmate way back when who was sharply funny, creative, and who wrote some form of erotica at an age when most of us did not even know what erotica was. He wasn't immune to juvenile sense of humour, however (well, we were all juveniles at that time). Anyway, that scene with the robber whom Lucifer undressed, placed a tiara on, and tied his shoelaces so that after Amenadiel released time, he fell down on his face, made of think of something my classmate would have written had he grown up to be a Lucifer writer. This isn't a criticism, this is a fond memory.

♕ Case of the week: A stand-in for a popular TV star was found murdered on set. The star, Amy had a secret drug habit, and the stand-in, Jillian, was her secret sober companion. Jillian was killed by her landlady who was also Amy's drug supplier.

♕ Rachael Harris did really well in that scene when she asked Lucifer if their sessions were helping or making things worse.

♕ Without telling either Lucifer or Amenadiel, Maze has been seeing Linda whilst trying to figure out her place in the human world.

♕ Maze was the one who tortured Lucifer's Mum in hell.

♕ Ella thought Lucifer was a method actor.

♕ Dan was out of suspension but was demoted. His job now was just to assist with cases.

♕ If Lucifer wants to end each episode with Tom Ellis singing and playing the piano, there will be no complaints from me. It is a rare show that has a lead this talented, and it is great to see Lucifer taking advantage of what Mr. Ellis has to offer.

Director: Nathan Hope

Writer: Joe Henderson

Original Air Date: September 19, 2016

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