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Lucifer Recap 'Sweet Kicks'

Season 1 Episode 5

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

To a certain, very small extent, Lucifer had already expressed some awareness that perhaps his interference in human affairs led to some tragic circumstances (Delilah in the first episode and Ty in the third episode). In 'Sweet Kicks', Chloe railed at him for his favour granting. 'You're addicted to creating chaos and seeing where the chips fall, to hell with the consequences. It's like you have some kind of god complex.' Lucifer protested, but I do believe that was mostly because he did not like even the littlest comparison to his father. Lucifer did like to chase his fun, and he did not particularly care about the consequences. This is why Maze found it significant that Lucifer later admitted he needed to be careful because he almost got Chloe killed. Lucifer's care for Chloe's well-being, and his awareness that he cared, were massive changes in him. These were also danger signs for Maze.

I am not familiar with the literary sources of Lucifer, so I am just going with what the show stated here. According to Lucifer, Maze existed to protect him. She always knew where he was. Surrounded by guns and with Chloe by his side, Maze went all ninja devil on the gang members and saved Lucifer. Maze literally followed Lucifer through the gates of hell. Maze was fiercely loyal, and she was determined to protect Lucifer, even from Chloe.

Lucifer was a curiosity to Chloe, and now, an official civilian consultant to the LAPD courtesy of her ambitious lieutenant. Chloe would happily leave Lucifer in a bad neighbourhood in the middle of the night without a cell phone, but she also felt comfortable enough with him to tell him about the Palmetto case. Chloe thought the cop who was shot, Malcolm Graham, was on the take. Other cops, especially his partner Anthony Paolucci, believed him to be a hero. Even before Lucifer verbalised to Maze that he did not want Chloe to die, he already stood up for Chloe when Paolucci was rude to her (he declared that he did it solely for himself). This episode figured out more organic ways of showing the growing connection between Lucifer and Chloe.

In the end, Lucifer remained the invincible thrill seeker with a ninja devil bodyguard. Yet Lucifer's casual, 'I almost got out pet detective killed' was already a massive shift in his persona. The devil cared for one human, and he now flirted with mortality.

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix


♕ Case of the week: Someone shot up the fashion show of Benny Choi, who was famous for his shoes. No one was hit, but the panic that ensued led to the death of a young woman. The police arrested an ex-con named Yellow Viper, who was Benny's friend. It turned out that Benny framed Yellow Viper, and had his ex-marine bodyguard do the dirty work.

♕ 'Look at them on their laptops, writing the next great screenplay, torturing themselves with dreams they know, deep down, they will never achieve. Reminds me of home.' This hurts, Mazikeen.

♕ Maze wanted to go back to hell, and told Amenadiel about Dr. Linda. Amenadiel took an office next to hers and pretended to be a fellow therapist.

♕ In these early episodes, Lucifer showed his devil face as punishment to the guilty. I wanted to take note of this as part of tracing his evolution later on.

Director: Tim Matheson

Writer: Sheri Elwood

Original Air Date: February 22, 2016

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