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Locke & Key Recap 'The Keepers of the Keys'

Season 1 Episode 4

Image from Locke & Key, currently streaming on Netflix

As much as I love the show's commitment to showing grief, it was okay to see Tyler and Kinsey be teenagers for a little while. This involved making decisions that may not have made the most sense but, they're teenagers, and Kinsey in particular was operating without the fear monster inside her.

Sporting a freshly dyed hair and a confident attitude that not even Eden could bring down, Kinsey tried to make things right with Scot after she bailed on what would have been their first hang (not date) by taking him on a tour inside her head. See, this would not have been my first choice, but it demonstrated the recklessness in Kinsey that showed how the removal of the fear monster affected her. It was also sweet to see Scot, who liked to open car doors for ladies and who was accepting of, even fascinated by, the magic that Kinsey showed him. I liked Scot with a single t. I hope he doesn't turn evil.

Mr. Ridgeway, Rendell's old English teacher, took Tyler under his wing and was instrumental in getting Tyler some time with Jackie. 'I know first hand that grief never gets smaller, so you have to make yourself bigger around it. The best way to do that is to open up.' With Tyler having some free time (he was suspended from the hockey team), Mr. Ridgeway volunteered him for the 5k charity Jackie was organising.

In a bid to impress Jackie, Tyler used the head key and tossed, first a book about Matheson, then a book about England, inside his head. It turned out that doing that allowed him to absorb the information inside the books. In the end, it was not Tyler's informational barrage that impressed Jackie, just his willingness to try and understand the things she liked.

Did it seem like these teenagers were using keys they knew could be dangerous for rather moronic things? Sure. But again, they're teenagers, so I am willing to forgive this, up to a point. When things got rough, like when the well lady expressed her anger at Key House and Bode, Tyler and Kinsey did come together to try and help their family.

Bode recalled seeing Ellie go into the well house and call out to Lucas when he was flying around as a ghost. Rufus told him that Lucas was his mother's first love who died. Rufus also said that he was not allowed inside the well house because bad things happened there. Bode got a Matheson history book, where there were photos of Key House and, specifically, the well house. The well lady appeared on the page with the well house photo and warned Bode that he could not protect 'them' (I assumed she was referring to his family). By this time, Bode had already tried blocking the key holes in the house with gum.

Of course the gum did not keep the well lady out of Key House. She walked in and casually used the fire key to set fire on the stove whilst Nina stood barely a few feet away. As Tyler and Kinsey tried to put the fire out, the well lady grabbed Bode and took him outside the house. Surrounded by fire, the well lady demanded that Bode hand over the head key. Bode realised that the well lady could not take the key from him, she needed him to give the key to her. The well lady left, but she was not finished with the Lockes. She went to the prison where Sam was being held and gave him the fire key.

Why was the well lady determined to get her hands on the head key, more than the other keys in the house, now that she had the anywhere key? It probably had to do with Erin, whom she visited in the hospital. Laysla De Oliveira has been casually menacing as the well lady, even more so as she carefully trimmed the nails of the clearly unwell Erin. This was the evil the kids were up against, and though all Bode could come up with for now against her were gums and a tree branch, at least the kid was trying to think ahead.


🗝Bode: 'No fighting in front of the bacon!' Bode is pure and must be protected.

🗝Kinsey was a jerk to her mother, but after seeing her in a memory she thought she only shared with her father, she became much nicer.

🗝Nina asked Ellie about Rendell's friends. Erin was in a psychiatric hospital whilst Mark died in a house fire.

🗝Ellie showed Nina the basement pingpong room where they used to hang out. It was walled in but Nina just broke through it. It looked like Ellie was looking for something there. She claimed not to know anything about Rendell drawing omega symbols when they were kids.

🗝Nina found an old cabinet that she might restore, but it was locked.

🗝Bode removed the page with the well house in the Matheson history book before Tyler could toss it inside his head.

🗝The entrance to Tyler's head was the door at their Seattle house.

🗝Rendell's old teacher Mr. Ridgeway was a good man.

🗝The mug Nina was using was given to her by Rendell in her first year anniversary of being sober.

🗝I am a little confused as to how Bode came to hold the head key when the well lady came to Key House. Tyler had it earlier when he used it to put books inside his head. Kinsey then had it when she used it on her date with Scot. At some point after all that, why did Bode take it?

🗝Keys roundup, where they were found and where they were at the end of the episode 🗝🗝🗝Anywhere key - on the bracelet Rendell gave to Kinsey. Currently with well lady.

🗝🗝🗝Mirror key - in the drainage of the sink. With Tyler.

🗝🗝🗝Head key - inside the vacuum cleaner. With Bode, though Kinsey was supposed to be the one keeping it. 🗝🗝🗝Ghost key - on the portrait of Chamberlaine Locke. With Bode. 🗝🗝🗝 Matchstick key - taken by the well lady from a kid who found it in the burnt house. Given to Sam.

Director: Tim Southam

Writer: Mackenzie Dohr

Original Release Date: February 7, 2020

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