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Knightfall Recap 'Road to Chartres'

Image from Knightfall, currently streaming on iFlix

Am I just unwell (yes, I am), or is this a slow episode? Even Louis tracking down Anne and Grecia with baby Eve was filmed in slow motion. What was that about? I have been supportive of Knightfall’s second season, but this is not a strong episode. It ended with the arrival of King Philip’s forces against the Chartres Temple, so hopefully the next episode will pick up again.

The biggest development here is Prince Louis finally finding out that his father Philip murdered Queen Joan, not Landry. Louis had been dogged in his pursuit of baby Eve. He has murdered innumerable people, including the nuns here who sheltered Eve (Sisters Anne and Grecia escaped with the baby). Louis could not beat Landry, and Landry’s words remained with him, so that he went to a prisoner who witnessed what happened to Queen Joan. The prisoner, Pascale, a nobleman stripped of his lands and his tongue, confirmed Landry’s version of events.

Louis was not the only one shaken by revelations. His beloved wife Margaret met Lydia, mother of the baby Louis murdered. I wondered what happened to her last episode; she is alive, kept prisoner by Louis and now wearing Margaret’s dress. I have no explanation for this.

King Philip ignored de Nogaret’s protestations of waiting to pursue a legal case against the Templars. Instead, he ordered his army to march. The French army was now aided by black powder, which Philip intended to use against the walls of the Chartres Temple. Philip’s army arrived just after Landy, Tancrede, Tancrede’s love Anne, Grecia, and baby Eve got to the temple. Landry successfully saved his daughter from Louis only to find Philip at his temple’s door.


⚔︎ For not beating Landry, Philip fired Gawain as Marshall of his men at arms. Gawain, however, proved himself useful to de Nogaret.

⚔︎ Gawain, with de Nogaret, had two skulls fused together by silver to represent Hugh de Payens, the first Grandmaster of the templars, and Baphomet, said to be a fallen angel. It was made to appear that templars worship an idol and thus are heretics.

⚔︎ Raymond is the new pope, and he wants the templars to go on a new crusade at the Holy Land. Philip, however, presented him with ‘evidence’ of the templars’ heresy.

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