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Lucifer Recap 'Take me back to hell'

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

More than anything, it was when he thought Chloe had lost faith in him that pushed Lucifer to decide to return to hell. He had his fun on earth before he met Chloe, but it was after they became partners, after Lucifer experienced the warmth of friendship and the highs of doing good for the sake of doing good, that a more vulnerable, more connected to humanity Lucifer emerged. It was bad enough that Malcolm's frame job tarnished Lucifer's human persona. What hit him harder than that, what made him want to give up, was what he perceived to be Chloe's loss of faith in him.

Lucifer wanted to get shot. He even picked a newbie cop to rile. He knew that with Chloe there, he was certain to die. At this point, Malcolm still had his pentecostal coin. Death was his ticket to hell.

Amenadiel, who had been on a moral free fall as he struggled with his task of bringing Lucifer back to hell, finally came to his senses. He realised the evil he had unleashed and wanted Lucifer's help in tracking down Malcolm. And so, the two brothers who had spent a millennia hating each other, discovered the joy of working together.

Of course, human thugs were of no match to two angels, but it was such fun to watch that whole fight scene. Both Amenadiel and Lucifer had some steam to let off, and they did it both smoothly and hilariously. It was almost disappointing when they split up to find Malcolm more quickly.

Remember the demon blade forged in hell that Malcolm took from Lux? He used that to stab Amenadiel. Since it was not of this earth, it could kill an angel, though of course they would either just go to heaven or hell. Maze took Amenadiel to Lucifer's penthouse whilst Lucifer continued his search for Malcolm.

It was then that he and Chloe saw each other again. After Lucifer disappeared, all Chloe had was an instinct that the mode of murder of the preacher did not fit Lucifer's personality. After Dan confessed everything, Chloe was now without a doubt that Lucifer was innocent. Chloe wanted to clear Lucifer's name so they could keep working together. Dan, proving again that he was a good man, confessed to removing a gun from evidence and giving it to Malcolm, the same gun that was used to shoot the preacher. It was the evidence needed to clear Lucifer's name.

Yet Malcolm was not done. Malcolm may have escaped, but the 100k he needed to purchase a new identity was in police custody. Malcolm kidnapped Trixie and forced Chloe to hand over the cash. Lucifer stayed in the background, but when Trixie had safely hidden and Chloe was in danger, he showed himself to Malcolm.

Chloe used Lucifer's distraction to hide; she was unarmed and could not fight the gun-wielding Malcolm. Lucifer tried to devil trick Malcolm, but it turned out that Malcolm's greatest desire was for Lucifer to die. With Chloe hiding not far, Malcolm shot Lucifer.

Bleeding out and about to return to hell, Lucifer called out to his Father and asked for a favour. He promised to be the son He wanted, to go where He wished him to go, if he would only protect Chloe. Lucifer was in hell for a brief moment before he returned to earth, all healed up. He was there when Chloe finally managed to shoot Malcolm.

At first, Malcolm had no fear of death; he thought he had the pentecostal coin as his get out of hell card. It turned out that God wanted Lucifer on earth; the single use only pentecostal coin was used to get Lucifer out of hell. The coin disintegrated into gold dust before Malcolm died a second time.

When Lucifer got back to his penthouse, he found an already healed up Amenadiel. Maze had used the feather she kept from Lucifer's wings to heal him. D.B. Woodside had the much less flashy role, but there were a thousand words unsaid when he murmured, 'He replied to you'. How long has it been since Amenadiel, the dutiful son, had heard from their Father?

In those moments when Amenadiel was injured and unable to patrol the gates of hell, Lucifer and Amenadiel's mother escaped. With the deal Lucifer made with his Father, he now had to track down his mother.

I remember watching this season finale for the first time and being pumped at the idea of Lucifer and Amenadiel's mother. She was in hell all this time? Why? It was a cliffhanger that promised to delve deeper into Lucifer's story and perhaps step closer to a serialised format rather than a case of the week. I have very much enjoyed this rewatch and writing these recaps, and look forward to continuing watching and writing about the second season (omg Tricia Helfer!).


♕ Linda is an invaluable part of Team Lucifer. The way she handled Lucifer and Amenadiel on her couch was excellent. The running gag of Lucifer taking away something that Linda was most definitely not saying remains hilarious.

♕ When Dan turned himself in at the police station, just that once, Lucifer called him Detective Espinoza instead of Detective Douche.

Director: Nathan Hope

Writer: Joe Henderson

Original Air Date: April 25, 2016

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