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Lucifer Recap 'St. Lucifer'

Season 1 Episode 11

Image from Lucifer, currently streaming on Netflix

Lucifer explored the rush of doing good, and realised that he truly only felt it when his good deed was directed toward Chloe. Just when I was about to roll my eyes and think that Lucifer's evolution was being framed solely within the context of Chloe, it turned out that Lucifer did listen to Linda. He did a good deed anonymously, a deed that had nothing to do with Chloe.

There was plenty to like about this episode. Lucifer sang and charmed the ladies at the same time, which was a good use of the Tom Ellis's talents. Lucifer's chase of the high he felt after he decided not to take advantage of the emotional Chloe in the previous episode was smoothly written into the case of the week. Oh, and Lucifer took his clothes off, which I am choosing to think of as a case of an angel who did not fully understand the social norm against public nudity.

So why do I feel off about the episode?

Perhaps I just feel impatient about moving on to when the show has moved away from the case of the week format and into a more serialised storytelling. I tend to enjoy the case of the week format, but Lucifer has shown us that it can be so much more. I am viewing this after having seen the heights that Lucifer achieved. I am enjoying this rewatch but at the same time, I want to get to the meatier stuff already.

The show did take a major step forward here, with Lucifer finally realising that what he previously called his 'mortality sitch' only happened when Chloe was around. 'You make me vulnerable', Chloe told Lucifer, as she tried to grapple with what made her throw herself at Lucifer in the previous episode. 'It appears you make me vulnerable, too', Lucifer murmured, as the knife he held behind his back cut through his palm and made him bleed.

It was the case of the week, rather than Amenadiel's scheme to have Lucifer killed, that led to Lucifer's realisation. Malcolm went to Lucifer's penthouse with every intention of shooting him and framing Dan for his murder (Malcolm had Dan tied up). Thinking that he was mortal and unable to intimidate Malcolm with his devil face, Lucifer bargained with Malcolm. What Malcolm feared was going back to hell. Lucifer correctly pointed out that Amenadiel could not guarantee that; Malcolm was mortal and would eventually die, so hell was his inevitable destination. What Lucifer offered was the coin he was shown playing with in previous episodes, the coin he used to get inside the auction when his wings were stolen, his pentecostal coin that he said he had been keeping in case he wanted to return to hell. The coin was Malcolm's ticket out of hell.

Having survived Amenadiel's assassination attempt, Lucifer, still in his penthouse, figured out that the wife of the murder victim was the murderer. The wife, Vanessa, shot Lucifer several times. Dan managed to escape and found Lucifer alive. Lucifer and Chloe wrapped up the case, and Lucifer later decided to test his theory on why he was sometimes immortal and sometimes not.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Maze bonded over their shared loneliness. Maze went to Lucifer afterwards, having slept with Amenadiel; Maze pointed out that where before she was Amenadiel's inside woman, she was now Lucifer's. I dislike this storyline for Maze. Maze has far more awesome moments coming.

Amenadiel's descent into bad behaviour is interesting, and makes me really look forward to the next few episodes. Till then!


♕ Case of the week: A popular athlete turned philanthropist, Tim Dunlear, was found murdered in his home. He was killed by his wife, Vanessa. Vanessa has been embezzling funds from the Dunlear Foundation. Tim confronted her when he found out, and she killed him.

♕ Malcolm told Dan quite honestly that he was in hell, and he made a deal so he would not have to go back.

♕ Malcolm had Dan take the gun from evidence so Dan's fingerprints would be on it. Why on earth did Dan not wear gloves or wipe his prints off the gun before handing it off to Malcolm?

♕ Dan is a good man. He loathed Lucifer, and he still rushed to try and save him.

Director: Maiezee Almas

Writers: Sheri Elwood and David McMillan

Original Air Date: April 11, 2016

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