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Knightfall Recap 'Blood Drenched Stone'

Image from Knightfall, currently streaming on iFlix

Peak TV has spoiled us. Blood Drenched Stone is a solid battle episode that becomes just okay only when compared to other event TV episodes. Sure, I could complain on why almost all the French supply of gunpowder was kept within an archer’s range, but this episode was really about how Landry regained his status, in his brothers’ eyes if not officially, as temple master. When Pope Clement (formerly Archbishop Raymond) tried to convince the templars to surrender to the French troops massed outside the temple gates and clear their names via a Holy Inquisition, there were those who agreed with Landry’s misgivings. Though Grand Master de Molay took the Pope for his word, he allowed the templars to decide for themselves. Many surrendered, but a fair number remained inside the temple walls with Landry. Landry began the season shunned. He has now earned, or earned back, his brothers’ trust.

Of course Pope Clement and King Philip betrayed the templars. Grand Master de Molay was tortured for the location of the sally port that would allow the French troops to breach the temple. The templars fought off the first wave of attack, but the French had a large siege engine, similar to the ones used in Acre. Landry, Tancrede, and a few others used the cover of night to sneak out of the sally port and set fire to the siege engine. Kelton was captured and tortured for the location of the sally port. Unlike Grand Master de Molay, Kelton broke.

Gawain led the attack against the templars. Landry made sure Anne, Grecia, and baby Eve were hidden, then went to fight King Philip himself. Landry would have defeated Philip had it not been for the intervention of Prince Louis. Philip threatened to kill Landry if the templars did not surrender. Though Landry screamed for the templars to keep fighting, they followed Tancrede’s lead and tossed away their swords, their connection to Landry in full display. Yes, they ignored his words, but that was to save his life.

Meanwhile, at French Court, Princess Isabella enacted her plan to frame Margaret of Burgundy. Isabella invited Margaret to dinner and plied her with drugged wine. When Isabella’s two boys came, Margaret even supported Isabella’s declaration of temporary independence from her father the King. Margaret passed out, and was found by her handmaiden naked on a bed, with the two boys getting dressed. Isabella purportedly sent them away after successfully framing Margaret. Isabella, however, later had the palace guards arrest them.

I wasn’t happy with the previous episode, but this is a return to form by Knightfall. The final scene of Landry’s defeat genuinely left me wanting to find out what happens next, immediately. On to the next!


⚔︎ I don’t want to think too much of Tacrede and Anne, because I am not in the frame of mind to feel invested on a love that could end badly. Anne gave Tancrede hope that they could start over as a couple once all this is over. Anne is a nun and Tancrede a templar knight. This happy ending they dream of is very unlikely.

⚔︎ I didn't know what Oriflamme was so here's the Wiki entry.

⚔︎ Master Berenger expressed his fear of the future of the brotherhood. Gawain later killed him.

⚔︎ Louis lied to Philip and told him he killed baby Eve.

⚔︎ Isabella fashioned three rings engraved with the names of Margaret and Isabella’s boys, Gautier and Philippe.

⚔︎ The real Vasant was ambushed on his way to the temple. The guy we know as Vasant merely found Vasant, buried him, and took over his identity.

⚔︎ Landry gave Anne instructions in case they lost.

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