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HOTD Musings: Having read the books doesn't mean we know the story

One of the greatest joys for me in reading these companion texts to A Song of Ice and Fire is that even as I learn more about the world George R.R. Martin created and the histories of these civilizations and Houses, I know that there is always more to discover. I am currently re-reading parts of Fire and Blood, where the author (Archmaester Gyldayn) made a point to note his sources -- primarily, chronicles by Grand Maester Runciter and his successors, court documents, royal decrees and proclamations, along with accounts written decades after the events being described by individuals with tenuous connections to them. While there are primary sources to the events during the Dance of the Dragons (Septon Eustace and the court fool Mushroom), it is laid out clearly that these are imperfect, sometimes salacious accounts; the reader is free to interpret and speculate and theorise. It is a brilliant way to present the story without actually telling the whole story. So, while I have some idea on the direction of House of the Dragon, I don't actually know which version of the story the show will choose to tell. Exciting times!

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