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Downton Abbey team reunites for a new series, Belgravia

The six-part series is helmed by Julian Fellowes, produced by Carnival Films, and will come to ITV and EPIC this year.

Fans of period dramas have another show to look forward to this month!

Belgravia is based on a novel of the same title written by Julian Fellowes. On the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, British society gathered at the Duchess of Richmond's ball. Amongst the attendees was Sophia Trenchard, the daughter of Wellington's chief supplier. Twenty-five years later, the Trenchards move into Belgravia, the grandest address in London, and face the repercussions of that single night in 1815.

According to the ITV press release, filming was completed in 2019. The cast includes Tamsin Greig, Philip Glenister, Harriet Walter, Tom Wilkinson and Alice Eve.

To be honest, what I remember most about Downton Abbey were its early seasons, when Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew were still doing their will-they-or-won't-day dance. I still haven't seen the 2019 film. Still, I am always up for another period piece, and will be keeping an eye out for this one.

Belgravia will start airing on Sunday, 15 March at 9pm.

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